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22 Jun

A Company Game provides your company with it’s very own Fantasy League based on any sport or event.

Having your own Company Game is a fun and innovative way to engage an audience over an extended period of time.

It also provides a unique method of interaction between staff and clients by allowing them to compete against each other.

Fantasy League provide a dedicated game website, branded in your Company’s look and feel, which is created, hosted and fully equipped with a wide range of exciting features.



21 Jun

england were defeated 2-1 and two late goals from the czech republic that knocked our young lions out of the group stage of the u21 european championships. the general feeling amongst observers are the lack of creativity and determination to take responsibility of proceedings by gambling on attacking play against the opposition.

criticism of having very few characters on the field are of academies ethos that remove the independence of players by doing everything for them! accommodation in veije boasted a five star quality for the u21 team in preparation for each competitive game of the european championships.

an honest experience of their surroundings and the culture of the country they visit could give players a chance to think about their job, and be made aware of how privileged they are.

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20 Jun

nike and ipod sports kit produce a commercial wearable technology created by apple and nike.

small pressure sensors that go into the shoe communicate with a radio signal. piezoelectric accelerometer inside the shoe allows the ipod to calculate your performance such as speed and distance.


20 Jun


saville’s england football shirt was used as a vehicle for socio-cultural provocation, and attempts to make a statement about the nature of modern england.


the concept resembles club badges or geometric patterns have long been a design statement in football shirts.

peter saville has played a vital role in graphic design and style culture ever since his first work for factory records in the late 1970s.




20 Jun

the uefa women’s champions league has the highest entry of 54 clubs as bristol academy will go straight to round of 32 national champions. munich will host the final on may 17th in 2012.

england’s coach, hope powell announced the 21 player squad for fifa’s women’s world cup held in germany 2011. the squad includes players from arsenal, everton, lincoln ladies, birmingham city, chelsea, and bristol academy.

sophie bradley, dunia susi, claire rafferty, steph houghton, and ellen white will be experiencing their maiden in senior international football.


20 Jun
20 Jun