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dwarfs, carling, and english rugby, is this the game?

18 Sep

enjoying a gathering with colleagues in new zealand is one thing, having a good time in their altitude bar, queenstown is another.

but if your a representing england in a rugby world cup tournament, then this is a whole new ball game. team coach, martin johnson has seen the incident as boisterous, harmless and an example of what rugby players have done forever.

the media have portrayed the players outing as unprofessional, though the incident will be forgotten if england come away from the kiwis with the winning trophy. martin johnson comments on how to get to the point where he has to say: ‘We can’t go out, we can’t do this or that,’ it’s a pretty sad world, isn’t it? That’s not a world I want to be involvedĀ in.”

this drinking culture has hardly been disguised as ex-england player will carling talks about the game in a heineken advert.

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