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20 Jun

tackle the league of occupations survey today!

19 Jun

link to league of occupations survey


19 Jun




norwich kit promo website

19 Jun

tevez launches a football foundation that hopes to change the lives of thousands of children



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art depicting tevez can be found in the neighbourhood of ejercito de los andes, also known as fort apache. carlos tevez has given funds to worthwhile projects in his homeland, including a football space.


19 Jun

arsenal home shirt for 2011-2012 season looks to celebrate the club’s 125th anniversary year with a specially designed club badge, and the most environmentally-friendly kit by nike.



the royal arsenal founded in woolwich, 1886 combines the graphic of the first club crest with the current version in a bold white print, including the anniversary dates of 1886 and 2011 on the heart of the shirt.

the celebratory crest also displays the club’s first motto, ‘forward’. inspired by the 1970s strips and a clean, refined look with block red body and white sleeves with a red speed stripe detail.

each kit is made of up to 13 reclaimed plastic water bottles which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to manufacturing traditional polyester and saves nearly 100 million plastic water bottles from being dumped at landfills sites.


19 Jun


press kit design and packaging, nike put a jersey in a bottle, and it comes with a pull tab in the centre which reveals a split in the bottle. conceptually strong idea that represents the point of upcycling 8 plastic bottles to make one shirt. the product also comes provided with a usb drive containing press release and newly launched collections.

nike launch world cup team kits for 2010, and they contain a secret message behind the team emblem. next to the heart of the players describes a motto in the spoken language of that country. brazilian shirt says “orgulho e amor”, which translates into portuguese as “pride and love”



18 Jun


england rejected in the first round of voting as russia won the bid for 2018 world cup. boris johnson, the london mayor, said fifa can’t last “in it’s current form.” england were confident that they had a fighting chance by securing seven votes in the first round, and this would have given the bid the chance for victory.¬†




a big concern was realised as holland-belgium secured a surprise first round victory, and coupled with media coverage of allegations against fifa undermined last minute lobbying efforts of prince william, beckham and direct support from the british prime minister.

votes were promised however, they never materialised!




the england 2018 and 2022 bid faired worse than the failed 2006 bid as that made the second round! england’s latest bid also boasted strong technical and economic features as claimed by fifa inspections.

david cameron spent three days in zurich to press england’s case, though it seemed that fifa clearly ignored his influence when it came to voting. “according to fifa we had the best technical bid and the strongest commercial bid and the country is passionate about football.”¬†prince william convinced fifa members to vote for england. prince william said that it had gone really well.




the success of russia and qatar in the selection process shows the bids with largest budgets and the lowest marks in fifa’s technical assessment. these facts have demonstrated the overriding requirements to successfully influence fifa in deciding where to host the world cup tournaments.

lord mawhinney, the honorary president of the football league said that the result raised questions over fifa’s process. “speaking personally, i am surprised we were eliminated in the first round, genuinely surprised, and for someone like me to be surprised raises questions. it seemed to be a legitimate question if the process should be different next time.”




england failed to convince warner and his two colleagues in the concacaf confederation to support their bid as voters abandoned england to support russia.

warner met with prince wiliam, david beckham and cameron and claimed to be backing the england bid however, a source confirmed concacaf had voted for russia to give them a better chance of securing the usa 2022 bid.